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The main difference between normal massage and erotic massage is the areas of focus. The massage therapist works on different parts of the body which trigger sexual energies. One important point to understand here is that most erotic massage businesses are not a cover for shady practices.
The sexual energy is the elixir of life. It is usually retained in the cultural context. Through massage the energy comes to life and flows through your whole body. Erotic massages are sometimes performed for pleasure but can also help treat various sexual health problems the client may be suffering from. This is a legitimate form of massage.

Pesti Massage House
Hotelmassage - Budapest
Pesti Massage - Budapest
Pesti Massage House - Enter
Hotelmassage - Budapest - Enter

The Pesti Massage (Pesti Massage House) is the most popular massage salon of Budapest. We would like to offer you the heady moments that you can take in our discrete massage salon. The ladies are beautiful, delicate professional masseuses who are eager to accomplish a good massage with the aim of giving you an unforgettable relax hour.

Budapest 1051 - Ferenciek tere 2.


Whether you need a relaxing massage in the privacy of your hotel room, or a special massage after a long flight, all you need to do is to make a phone call and we will take care of the rest. At Quality Hotel Massage customer relaxation and comfort is our main objective. Hotel Massage is intent on providing the best services possible to the Hotel’s Guests in Budapest. We have a very talented staff of masseuses who are well trained and skilled.

+36 70 508 5231
+36 70 552 6313

1. Minimum age restriction:
Minimum age for making a booking with us is 18 years.

2. Payments procedures and requirements :
As far as we require for advance payments, please make sure you have total service cost sum in cash upon the arrival of the masseuse.

3. Appointments procedures and requirements:
If you are staying in a hotel, while making an appointment we will ask for your hotel name, address with postcode, your room number, your full name, and a phone number of a hotel reception.
When booking from private residence, we require your full address with postcode, your name and landline number.
Respecting your urge to confidentiality, we never share your personal details and all the content provided is for our security purposes only and never stays in our records. Please refer to company’s Privacy policy for more detailed explanation.

4. Services procedures and requirements:

5. Disclaimer
The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.

6. Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy and your confidentiality is a priority for us, this is why all your details provided upon booking are solely used for our purposes to confirm your address and for the security reasons of our staff. Our promise, all your details such as your name, address and phone number are not kept in our records or passed to the third parties. Please be advised, when making a booking in a private residence, we will ask you for your home, landline number for our security reasons.

The only reason we are asking for your personal details is to confirm your identity and your actual address for our convenience and security of our stuff. Completely sharing your desire of privacy, we will keep all your personal details discreet and will not share it to the third parties, if there is any necessity to contact you directly, it only will be related to the appointment issues.

Being a superior Tantric massage in Budapest, we are proud to consider as our regular clients people who hold major positions in business world, public figures and movie stars. Understanding their urge for privacy, we keep all the appointments extremely discreet and regularly receive an excellent feedback for doing it very well.

Keeping our clients discreet is our mutual priority, and we will always work hard as usual to keep it on the superior level.
If you may have any further concerns about your privacy, please do not hesitate to call us 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm.

Erotic massage is NOT sex massage!